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Eye Focusing

Normally, the eyes can focus and refocus quickly and easily when switching from looking close up to further away. For example, a student in a classroom has to look at a book or computer, then look up at images or words on the board, then look back at the book or desk work, etc., all day. The eyes have to adjust for each change in viewing distance. Focusing skills are typically learned and develop as the child grows. When it doesn’t develop properly it can cause a variety of problems.

Common signs of Accommodation Problems

  • Reading comprehension rapidly reduces the longer reading is continued
  • Avoids reading
  • Discomfort around the eyes or headaches when reading
  • Younger children may rub their eyes or just avoid reading
  • Excessive blinking when reading or looking at distant objects in an effort to clear them up
  • Holds near work too close to eyes or moves head closer or further away
  • “Careless” errors when reading or copying
  • Long words are recognized while shorter words such as “of, as, is”, or small beginnings and endings of words are misread or confused

Your next step is a Binocular Vision Evaluation which is designed to see how the focusing problem is impacting performance and other activities of daily life. Once the doctor determines the depth of the problem, all treatment options will be discussed.

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