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Vision Therapy Center of Jonesboro Can Help

Depending on the depth of the problem, a recommendation may be special ophthalmic lenses and/or a program of optometric vision therapy.

At Vision Therapy Center of Jonesboro, we provide a regimented approach to correcting the dysfunctions in vision and developing and enhancing vision abilities. In each therapy session, the patient is guided through a series of visually directed technology and techniques.

When the eyes fail to work together correctly, performance can suffer in reading, sports, depth perception, eye contact, etc.

Over the course of therapy, our patients develop better visual skills like tracking, eye teaming, eye focusing, and much more! Patients emerge from vision therapy happy and with greater confidence and the ability to perform better in school and the workplace.

We understand you might have a number of questions. For more information, please call us at 870.336.2264.